Welcome to Kingfisher Resort. Kingfisher is a small, quiet camp, located 165 miles north of International Falls Minnesota, in northwestern Ontario. We are a drive-in resort located just three hours north of International Falls. MN on Hwy 105, also known as the Red Lake Road.$0 Kingfisher Resort is located on Wabaskang Lake, near Perrault Falls and is considered by many avid fisherman to rank among the top lakes in the region. Wabaskang is unique in that it produces five major species of fish: Walleye, Northern, Small mouth Bass, Lake Trout and Jumbo Perch. As for walleye and northern, you will have to sample many lakes before you can top Wabaskang in term of sheer numbers and size. This lake has a reputation among pros and beginners alike to consistently produce large numbers of fish that range from average size to wall hangers. Much work has been done over the past fifteen years to improve spawning areas, cleaning feeder streams and limiting access. We consistently see the fish numbers and average size increasing each year. $0 We are starting our 13th season as new owners and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Great fishing, an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, and our beautiful Canadian weather has caused our repeat and referral guests list to continue to grow each year. $0 Kingfisher Resort is family owned and operated by Gerry and Linda Moran. Email us at gofish@kingfisherlodge.com  Come and visit with us!!!CASH OR CHECK ONLY -- NO CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS

2018 Fishing Contest Winners

CRAPPIE14.3Donald Davis
MUSKIE44.0John Drew
NORTHERN41.0John Wallace
PERCH12.5Jack Augustine
SMALLMOUTH19.5Jim Keeling
TROUT29.0Gary Wilkie
WALLEYE26.0Adam Walter
WHITEFISH22.0Will Marsh

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